About Us

We’re a small but dedicated group of backpacking enthusiasts who know and love everything about knives – whether the word is about your standard, EDC knives, or about those big, versatile survival knives. These things can come in incredibly useful in various daily situations, and we don’t even have to mention how important it is to have a sharp blade when you’re camping out in the wilderness. With quality knives, you will be able to cut ropes, boxes, letters, food, do some gardening, clear a path in the dense forest, hunt, defend yourself, and many, many other things. Knowing that there are so many different models out there on the market, we have decided to start writing reviews about the most popular knives and help the newcomers who don’t know a lot about them.

In our opinion, the main problem with this is the fact that many young people choose a particular blade only because of its “cool factor,” which could lead to some pretty severe consequences later on. One has to take into account the material that’s used for the blade, its sharpness, the ergonomics, the additional features, and many other things when he’s purchasing a new EDC or survival knife, and that is where we come in. We’re here to take an in-depth look and test out the popular knives, and try to find out everything about their features, design, advantages and flaws. Our mission is to help the user choose the right knife for his demands – whether he needs one to help him around with the usual household chores, or for some serious backpacking adventures deep in the wild. Our reviews are honest and to the point – and by reading them, we can guarantee you that you will find the right blade for your cutting, slicing, and chopping needs.