3 Easy Ways to Spot a Quality Survival Knife

3 Easy Ways to Spot a Quality Survival Knife

With so many different models on the market, it might be pretty hard for a newbie to see the difference between the good and the bad survival knives. In our opinion, there are three main things that can help you notice if the knife is worth your money – and those are the following:


If the survival knife that you want to buy is going to be the only tool of such kind at your disposal, you will want to make sure that it’s sharpened and prepared to take a beating. This is why we would suggest you to get a knife that has the so-called Full Tang design, which means that its fixed blade is running the whole length of the knife (similar to a hunting knife) – not stopping at the handle. This single, unbroken piece of rough steel will provide you with the biggest amount of strength and durability and will perform much better than any other kind of knife configuration.

You can also get a bushcraft knife with the partial tang configuration, but remember that such a blade won’t be as strong as the one that we mentioned above.


Even though the selection of a well-designed handle might seem just like a minor, peripheral preference, we think that a quality handle is the second most important thing to look for when you’re buying yourself a survival knife. The reason behind this is the fact that your hand will be holding that knife during almost all of the camp tasks – and if the handle isn’t comfortable, the blisters will appear very soon. A handle that doesn’t have a good design could also cause the whole knife to slip out of your hand, and then even make you accidentally cut yourself.

This is why we recommend you to get a blade that has both the micarta scales and a full tang – it will be super tough and extremely comfortable.

find a knife with comfortable handle


The last thing on our list is the knife profile, or, in other words, the overall shape of the whole model. As you can already guess, different blade shapes are composed to do different things. For example, the tanto-edged blade is the best choice for the penetration of the body armor while the blades with a wide profile are ideal for cleaning and skinning game due do their long cross sections.

If you’re a novice in the world of high quality pocket knives, you should select a blade that’s simple and without any additional gimmicks. We recommend you to get a knife with a spear point profile as such a model will be of great help for both the slicing and the chopping operations.

Purchasing a certain blade only because of its “cool factor” for example an OTF (out-the-front) knife could have some really bad consequences later, so it’s very important to choose the right knife for the right task. We hope that we’ve helped you with this article – if you consider the above-mentioned points while buying a new knife, you will surely prevent many possible issues that could occur during your backpacking adventures.