Pocket Knife vs. Multitool

Pocket Knife vs Multitool: Which One You Should Carry?

Buying your first knife is one of those “grown-up” things you get to do when you get a bit older and wiser, especially if you are into camping, hiking, or just spending some time in the outdoors.But know this, a good knife will be your friend in the wild and it could save your life in dozens of different ways. That’s why you should take special care when choosing your knife. Should you buy a knife with a long blade. or should you get a small and compact model? Do you need a knife or maybe something that gives you more options – like a multitool?

Well, to find out what is better a pocket knife or a multitool, we first have to go over all of the types of knives you can buy and the benefits they provide. So, let’s start with the basics.



  • All-purpose folding pocketknives:  are widespread, and they are favorite among scouts. These knives are also known as Swiss army knives. They usually offer a number of tools like the screwdriver, can opener, tweezers, and of course, the blade, pretty much everything you could need in a survival situation. The knives can help you in many cases, but the downside is that the blade won’t lock into place, so it can fold while you are doing something with it.
  • Lockback knives are the simplest kind of folding knives. They have a single lockable blade that allows you to use the knife for many tough tasks. The blade will stay in place the entire time, and you can just fold it up and put it in your pocket when you’re done.
  • The fixed blade knives work like a standard kitchen knife but in a more compact version. These knives are strong and sturdy, and they can help you out in most situations you could find yourself in the outdoors. You can use it to cut things and materials, spread butter on your bread, and many other things. Large knives are not that useful because of their weight and size.
  • The River rescue knives are specialized knives with a serrated edge designed to cut rope quickly. Then you have whittling or bushcraft knives that are used to carve wood, and that brings us to our last and perhaps the best knife type – the multitool.
  • Multitools are the most compact knives because they offer a set of tools you just can’t find on other knives. The most significant plus is the pliers, but it also provides the tools you’d get on a Swiss army knife. You can just fold it up when you’re done and put it away just like any other pocket knife. So, to determine the winner of the pocket knife vs. multitool battle, we have to do a complete comparison of the two.


The multitool was designed by experts as a small, compact tool that can replace some other tools you could need outdoors. That’s a revolutionary invention that has made a lot of people’s lives much easier. Multitools have a broad application, and you can use them in many different situations, but because of that, you will have to sacrifice some other elements like the length and strength of the blade.

Most states allow you to carry a small knife with you for self-defense. The advantage of an everyday carry pocket knife is that you can quickly take it out of your pocket and use it with only one hand. Multitools will require you to use both hands until you pick a tool you need and pull it out.

On the other hand, a pocket knife can only cut, and you can use it to make holes in wood, but its application is limited compared to a multitool. Some multitools come with dozens of tools that can help you get out of any situation. The pocket knives are compact, but they are nowhere near as versatile as multitools.

Multitools broad application

pocket knifes sharp blade

If you find yourself in a car crash, for example, a pocket knife will help you cut the seat belts and brake the glass to escape the car quickly. But, if you really want to be ready for any emergency situation, a multitool is a must. Imagine that you are on a long bike ride in a forest far away from a gas station and your tire pops. You need tools to get it off and repair it, and that’s where the multitool jumps in.These tools are more expensive than pocket knives, but that’s logical because they have more value and are harder to produce. Pocket knives are a bit safer to use because of their sturdiness, so they are a better pick if you plan on cutting and slicing a lot.


After all, we’ve written about these two knives; you should already have a good idea of which one to buy for yourself. If you spend a lot of time outdoors doing practical stuff like cutting ropes, building fires, fishing, hunting, and so on, a pocket knife is the best choice. But, if you are always on the move and you never know what to expect, a multitool is a better option because it could help you get out of many different situations.

The best option is to get one of each. Buy a trusty pocket knife with a sturdy handle and a lock mechanism for those hard tasks, and bring the multitool as a backup for everything else. You can even combine the two and use them at the same time.

Whatever you do, the first thing you should always think about is safety. Don’t rush things, wait until the right moment and you should be fine. Yes, also, try to sharpen your knives up every time before you go camping or hiking because you can’t do much with a dull knife. We hope that you found this text helpful!