Best Pocket Knives On The Market – 2021 Review Guide

Best Pocket Knives On The Market – 2021 Review Guide

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 Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Published 12:20 pm

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    A good pocket knife is certainly among the most important tools you could carry with you. From saving someone trapped in a vehicle to cutting a fishing line, a quality pocket knife is your best friend. But with hundreds of different models on the market, it can be a real chore to wade through all those options to find a pocket knife that will suit your needs.

    To make things a little bit easier, we wrote reviews of the best pocket knives that the money can buy today. Take a look at our recommendations and find a quality model for yourself!

    At a Glance : Top 5 Pick For Best Pocket Knives

    The Best Pocket Knife

    Benchmade – 940-1 Knife, Reverse Tanto – High-Quality Pocket Knife

    Best Choice Product

    Next up is the popular 940-1, made by Benchmade, which is a company that has always preferred iteration over innovation. But even with slow-to-change design, their models are something that every knife enthusiasts wishes to carry in his pocket – and the same could be said for this model.


    The blade of the 940-1 is a Tanto model manufactured from S90V steel. Without going too far into the specifics, we’ll just say that this steel is ultra-tough and provides above-average corrosion resistance. To put it simply, it’s the material we’d like to see on all other pocket knives.  The big vanadium carbides ensure that this blade will hold a good working edge for a very long time. It is finished in Darkened Stonewash, which is something we’re used to with Benchmade and does a good job of hiding use. The handle of this knife is certainly one of its most striking features, as it is a beautiful combination of stunning materials and organic lines. The 940-1 addresses the comfort and the ergonomics with an excellent forward choil and the gimping on both the front and the back. This gives traction to your pointer finger and the thumb, ensuring that the knife won’t fall out of your hand.

    The Axis lock of the 940-1 allows it to be easy to use with both your left and right hand. The deployment is achieved by operating the thumb studs, and the knife’s blade comes out really fast. During our testing period, the model showed impressive results in vegetable, cardboard, and rope tests, cutting everything with smoothness and ease. One of the greatest strengths of this knife is its capacity to continue to perform and stay sharp-looking at all times. What more could one want from a pocket knife?

    We really liked the sharp blade of the 940-1, and its ability to deliver insane levels of performance. The handle, on the other hand, looks absolutely sleek and is certain to attract some attention. Efficient and beautiful, this pocket knife definitely deserves our big recommendation.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Benchmade
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 3.40”
    Weight: 2.44 oz

    TAC Force TF-705 Series Knife – Best Budget Pocket Knife

    Best Value Product

    The TAC Force TF-705 is, without a doubt, one of the best pocket knives on today’s market. It was crafted from the materials of highest quality, and designed for single-handed blade deployment. Let’s see what it has to offer!


    This knife is eight inches long, with the blade itself measuring 3.5 inches – the blade is partially serrated and quite sharp. The handle is made out of aluminum and provides an excellent grip, which is something we’re used to when it comes to knives manufactured by TAC Force. The grip won’t become loose even when your hands are completely wet, and it’s also very durable and sturdy.

    The same could be said for the blade, which is manufactured from carbon-rich stainless steel. This material is long-lasting and removes the risk of rusting. The TAC Force TF-705 has a very protective tang, as well as the thumb management point, which makes operating with it even easier. The joints of this knife are made in a way that the constant closing and opening won’t have an adverse effect on the model’s efficiency – it will stay flexible and smooth, and that’s always a big plus in our book.

    Along with the reliable and efficient locking mechanism, we also liked the weight of the TAC Force TF-705. Even though it’s made out of metal, the model is still lightweight enough and won’t bother you when you’re carrying it in your pocket. And to top everything, the TF-705 is absolutely affordable. We’re pretty sure that it offers the best value for the money on the entire market, and is probably the best budget model that money can buy today. In this price category, we’re used to knives with plastic elements – but this bad boy is made entirely out of metal!

    In conclusion, we think that the TAC Force TF-705 is truly something special, and a model that you should definitely consider for purchase, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Its stainless steel blade is extra sturdy and a perfect tool for all kinds of situations.

    Key Features:


    Brand: TAC Force
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 3-1/4”
    Weight: 2.2 Pounds

    Case Mother-of-Pearl Mini Copperlock Knife – US Made Quality Pocket Knife

    Here we have one of the most beautiful pocket knives on the market – the Case Mother-of-Pearl Mini Copperlock. The striking design of this model is truly something we haven’t seen yet, and that’s not the only great thing about it. It’s time for a more in-depth look!


    One of the first things to notice about this knife is its size. Even though there’s a word “Mini” in its name, the knife is actually bigger than we imagined. It is over six inches long when opened, and weighs close to 60 grams (1.94oz). When it comes to design, we have only words of praise. No matter which color you select (and there are over twenty of them), your Case Mini Copperlock will look very attractive. Our “pearl” model certainly does. Its blade is made out of the surgical stainless steel (“Case Tru-Sharp™), which is high in carbon and helps the blade hold a sharp edge for a long time. It is also corrosion resistant, so you won’t have to worry when going to wet places during your hitchhiking adventures.

    The handle looks very classy and feels great in hands. It offers an excellent grip, which is quite important if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Both scales of this knife are evenly matched as far as its pattern goes – on some knives, they might look entirely different from one another, and we were never fans of that. The case makes the model look symmetrical and uniformed, which is great. After a week of testing, the knife remained sharp. The sharpening process is easily done – with just a few passes on a stone; the Copperlock’s edge will be razor sharp, just like when you first took it out of the box.

    We are very pleased with this knife’s look and the performance. It’s one well-made piece of American cutlery, and something you’ll be able to depend on. It sports an elegant look that’s certain to attract attention, but it’s also sharp enough to help you with most of your daily tasks. Purchasing it can’t really turn out as a mistake!

    Key Features:


    Brand: Case
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 3.625”
    Weight: 0.02 Pounds

    Case Orange Coral Peanut Knife – Perfect Quality Pocket Knives

    Unlike some other knife manufacturers, Case isn’t known for bulky tactical knives. This company excels at making quality old-fashioned pocket folders. There are too many knives today with heavy blades that make them cumbersome to use for smaller tasks, and the Case Orange Coral Peanut isn’t one of them.


    Of course, the “Orange Coral” is just the name of the color of the model we had on test. You can order this knife in one of 40 different colors. This choice is absolutely great if you like to have a certain amount of personalization when it comes to pocket knives. We have no complaints about the overall design of this knife, as it looks very similar to other models made by this company. The blade is made out of “Tru-Sharp™” surgical steel, which is pretty decent and quite suitable for a pocket knife. It holds an edge and is sharp enough for all sorts of everyday tasks.

    There’s not much to talk about the handle. If you’re used to big models, it will take some time to get used to gripping the Peanut’s small handle. We advise you to use the three finger grip – it will provide you with the full control over the knife. The weight of two ounces makes this blade very convenient for everyday carry. There’s no locking mechanism here, but, since the knife is so small, we don’t find that really necessary.

    As you can see, this tiny blade offers quite a lot for the price – it sports a fantastic design, a sharp blade, and an ergonomic handle. It’s an excellent choice for everyday cutting tasks.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Case
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 2.13”
    Weight: 1.2 ounces

    MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 Knife – Excellent Multi-Functional Pocket Knife!

    When it comes to design, the MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 knife is almost unmatched. This pocket knife sports a very attractive look, especially with a colored blade. Aside from its physical looks, it also has a handful of useful features as well. Let’s see them!


    The MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 is a spring-assisted model, which means that it allows easier deployment. You can even open it with only one hand! And once it’s open, the lock will be securely locked into place due to the implementation of the liner lock. The blade itself is sleek and shiny, measuring some 3.75 inches in length and being manufactured from stainless steel (always a plus in our book). It is also sharp enough for shaving, according to one of our readers. Meanwhile, the sides of its ergonomic handle are built from aluminum. The model is generally well-built and is a little bit heavier than it looks in the photos.

    The MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 comes with an attractive pocket clip (silver, made out of stainless steel). This ensures easy carrying wherever you decide to go. We should also mention some of its additional features – like the glass breaker, the screwdriver, and the bottle opener. All of these features make the MT-A705 a true multi-purpose EDC knife – it’s both practical and efficient.

    In conclusion, we think that this knife offers a lot for the price. The gorgeous color combinations, a sharp blade, an ergonomic handle, and the useful extra features make the MT-A705 something worth considering for purchase. It’s hard to find something better for this price!

    Key Features:


    Brand: MTECH USA
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 3.75”
    Weight: 3.5 Ounces

    Grand Way Spring Assisted Pocket Knife – Great Style, Easy Opening

    Grand Way’s original knives are well-known to all knife enthusiasts. They’re made of high-quality materials and always come with a good design and a lot of useful features. Today, we’ll take a look at their Spring Assisted Knife, and see if it’s worth the money.


    Coming at an affordable price, the Spring Assisted Knife features a sharp blade made out of 440C steel. The balanced composition of steel in the blade ensures long-term operation, as well as high durability and the resistance to rust. All of this is very important if you’re often going to outdoor adventures – you want a blade that won’t let you down in the most critical situations. The handle of the Spring Assisted Knife is equally well-made. It is very comfortable and feels great in hand. The coverings on the handle are manufactured from the aircraft-grade aluminum, and sport a black matt color, just like the blade.

    The liner lock mechanism of this model is extremely reliable, as it is resistant to dirt. The included mechanical fuse prevents the unauthorized disclosure of the model. And, to open the knife, all you need to do is to apply some gentle pressure on its finlet – and the blade will pop-up immediately.

    Made out of the finest steel and featuring a truly ergonomic handle, Spring Assisted Knife is yet another excellent model from Grand Way. Although it is not perfect, this blade offers a great value for the money, and we can do nothing else but recommend it.

    Key Features:


    Brand: GRAND WAY
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 0.984”
    Weight: 4.40 oz

    Kershaw Link Tanto Folding Knife – Excellent Tactical Pocket Knife

    Next up is yet another knife manufactured by Kershaw, and this one is among our favorites. The Kershaw Link Tanto Folding knife brings a lot of good stuff for the price that it comes at – let’s see what its main features are!


    The blade of this knife is a drop-point model manufactured from 420HC stainless steel and has higher amounts of chromium and carbon. This makes cutting through the various materials a lot easier, and it also makes the blade more corrosion-resistant. The blade is covered with Kershaw’s BlackWash finish, which gives it a truly stunning look. The handle, on the other hand, is made out of machined aluminum and sports a beautiful anodized dark gray look. It has well-eased bevel edges which add extra comfort and make handling the knife a lot more convenient. For people with medium-sized hands, this knife will be perfect – it will provide them with a secure hold during the cutting operations.

    Springing the flipper starts the SpeedSafe mechanism which, in turn, gives a swift open. However, it takes some time to get used to this flipper, as it’s a bit firmer than we’ve expected. This also has a good side – there is no chance you’ll accidentally open the knife. If you’re a left-handed person, you’ll be pleased to know that this knife features a reversible pocket clip.

    This American-made model is, in our opinion, an excellent choice for your first tactical knife. It holds an edge very-well and sports a high-quality construction that guarantees longevity. It also provides a very secure hold, so you won’t have to worry about accidental cuts.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Kershaw
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 3.25”
    Weight: 4.70 oz

    Kershaw 1990X Brawler Pocket Knife – Great Value for Money

    All those who enjoy having a dependable and durable pocket knife will like the Kershaw’s new 1990X model. The size of this knife is perfect for carrying around, and its blade stood up to everything we’ve thrown at it during the testing period.


    The overall length of this knife stands at 7 3/8 inches (4 1/8 inches when closed). It’s a lightweight model, as it weighs only 3.9 ounces, and you won’t even notice its presence in your pocket. The modified tanto blade (8Cr13MoV stainless steel) features a shape that’s often found in sharp tactical knives and has an extra thick tip. This gives it the necessary strength when puncturing sturdy materials, while the straight belly provides greater cutting capacity. The angled handle is made out of glass-filled nylon and fits very nicely in hand. The textured surface makes it more secure, especially in case of wet hands.

    The blade of the Kershaw 1990X Brawler opens with the thumb, but you can also pull it out with your thumb and the forefinger. Pressing the thumb stud will cause the blade to pop up with lightning-quick speed, and that’s always a big plus in our book. During our testing period, the 1990X cut through plastic bottles and cardboard boxes with incredible ease. We’ve also tried it on the pierced fertilizer bags and burlap, and the performance was excellent.

    This affordable and sturdy model is an indispensable EDC knife for both your house and the yard. It’s also an excellent choice for outdoor adventures, like fishing trips, and certainly deserves our recommendation.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Kershaw
    Style: Pocket Knife
    Blade Length: 3.00”
    Weight: 3.9 oz

    Pocket Knives – Quick Comparison

    These were the best pocket knives that the money can buy today, with all of their features, advantages, and flaws. See how they compare and easily find one that suits your needs – having a quality pocket knife is very useful for all kinds of daily situations.

    High-Quality Knife

    Benchmade – 940-1 Knife

    • Blade is manufactured from S90V steel
    • Provides above-average corrosion resistance
    • Easy to use with both your left and right hand

    Best Budget Knife

    TAC Force TF-705 Series Knife

    • Blade is manufactured from carbon-rich stainless steel
    • Features an efficient locking mechanism
    • The handle provides an excellent grip

    Us Made Quality

    Case Mother Of Pearl Mini Copperlock

    • Made out of the surgical stainless steel
    • Corrosion resistant
    • The handle looks very classy and feels great in hands

    Perfect Quality

    Case Orange Coral Peanut

    • Available in 40 different colors
    • Blade is made out of “Tru-Sharp™” surgical steel
    • Has an ergonomic handle

    Multi-Functional Knife

    Mtech Usa Ballistic MT-A705

    • Spring-assisted model
    • Blade is manufactured from stainless steel
    • Comes with an attractive pocket clip

    Great Style, Easy Opening

    Grand Way Spring Assisted Knife

    • Blade is made out of 440C steel
    • Features a liner lock mechanism
    • Includes a mechanical fuse

    Tactical Pocket Knife

    Kershaw Link Tanto Folding

    • Blade is manufactured from 420HC stainless steel
    • Has well-eased bevel edges
    • Features a reversible pocket clip

    Great Value For Money

    Kershaw 1990X Brawler

    • Blade is made out of 8Cr13MoV stainless steel
    • Opens with the thumb, but can also be pulled out with your thumb and the forefinger
    • Cuts through plastic bottles and cardboard boxes with incredible ease
    What to Look for When Choosing the Best Pocket Knife
    There are a plenty of different sizes and types of pocket knives, and each serves a different purpose. This is exactly what makes purchasing one so hard, especially for those people who know next to nothing about knives. But, have no worries – our short but comprehensive guide is here to help you out.

    Why should I carry one?

    Even though carrying a pocket knife isn’t crucial to one’s safety anymore, people who enjoy outdoor adventures certainly know how to use one when they’re starting a fire, preparing food, or hunting. A simple model makes all the difference in such situations, especially in emergency conditions. They can also be very helpful if you have a big yard which always requires some sort of fixing. This general-purpose tool is one of the most useful things you could carry in your pocket.

    Why Should I Carry A Pocket Knife

    The Handle

    The handles come in all sorts of shapes, and it’s up to you to choose one that you like the most. When it comes to material, however, it would be wise to select an aluminum or titanium-made handle, both of which are highly durable and perfect for outdoor activities.
    But the most durable types of knife handles are the Zytel ones – they’re next to unbreakable. Of course, this feature also makes them really expensive.

    Pocket Knife Handle

    The Blade

    When it comes to pocket knives, every type of a blade serves a different purpose, which is one of many points to consider when purchasing one. One of your first major decisions will be between buying a straight-edge or a serrated edge blade. The straight edge blades excel at clean cuts, while the serrated ones are better at sawing things. Those who want both types can purchase a knife with a partially-serrated blade.

    Beyond this, there are also many different shapes and sizes to choose from. Let’s see the five most common ones:

    • Drop point – this blade is curved on both sides – one is flat, and the other sharp. The pointed end makes it a must-have choice for the hunters.
    • Clip point – this one, on the other hand, comes with a cupped edge on the side and a fine tip, and is considered to be an excellent everyday tool. However, this tip can be quite fragile sometimes, and the excessive force can damage it easily.
    • Needle point a needle point blade, as the name suggests, comes to a small (but very sharp) point. They’re not so common but can still be used for a variety of purposes.
    • Hawk-bill – hawk-bill blade is, of course, very similar to a bill of the hawk. It’s always good to have one with yourself in case your other blades fail.
    • Pen knife – this one is small and easy to control, making it perfect for smaller tasks.

    Blades are often made from carbon steel or stainless steel. The stainless steel knives are less durable than the carbon ones, but the carbon steel blades are also more prone to rust. Choose a carbon steel knife only if you expect heavy-use situations, but otherwise, a stainless steel knife will be good enough for everyday use.

    Pocket Knife Blade

    The Opening Mechanism

    There are three most common types of pocket knives opening mechanisms – automatic OTF sliding knives, assisted-opening, and manual. In our opinion, the assisted-opening mechanism is the best one – it’s an excellent choice for those that require fast access to a blade, like hunters and survivalists.

    Pocket Knife Opening Mechanism


    Whether you want to peel an apple or skin a bear, a pocket knife will be there to make the task easier. Take the above-mentioned points into consideration during a purchase, and you’ll end up with a model that will serve you for years!


    Knives have been around for thousands of years – they are the necessary tools used by all humanity throughout the history. The first cavemen used sharp tools to cut meat and for the defense against beasts and other humans. As the time went by, people managed to devise pocket knives with folding mechanisms that could be carried safely. Many different types were created, addressing different needs – from the simple single-blade knives to multi-blade models that come with additional tools. They are still incredibly practical, especially if you like to camp or hunt. Today, an outdoor enthusiast has a choice of hundreds of different models, made out of different materials and coming in all shapes and sizes.

    And that is exactly why selecting your first pocket knife can be so hard. Many of them come with very similar features, and that makes the ultimate decision even more challenging. By reading our reviews and articles, choosing the best pocket knife will be much easier – we can guarantee you that. In our opinion, the best pocket knife currently on the market is the Benchmade 940-1, which looks absolutely sleek and offers insane levels of performance. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something cheaper, we recommend the TAC Force TF-705. It’s one of the best budget models we’ve tested yet!

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