The Best Knife Sharpeners [Review Guide] Of 2021

The Best Knife Sharpeners [Review Guide] Of 2021

Best Choice
Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 1520 Knife Sharpener

Best Value
Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Review

Presto 08810 Knife Sharpener

Premium Pick
best automatic knife

Brod & Taylor Knife Sharpener

 Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Published 12:20 pm

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    It is hard to imagine routines without the cutting edge of a good knife. Our sharpeners now make it possible to quickly sharpen dull knives in a few seconds. This helps you finish your work, and offers safety, in addition to extending the life of a knife. Here is an unbiased review of the Best Knife Sharpener this year.

    At a Glance : Top 5 Pick For Best Knife Sharpeners

    The Best Knife Sharpener

    Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

    Chef’s Choice 1520 is perfect for veteran cooks and professional chefs who want to restore different types of blades. The well-designed angle guides keep the blades stable during the sharpening process. It is easy to use and has a simple but modern design. It perfectly matches other appliances in your kitchen.

    One of the most impressive things is how fast and efficient it is. Chef’s Choice 1520 can rapidly turn dull blades into sharp chef knives. In less than 5 seconds, you can sharpen an 8-inches knife through the slots. It can be used with just about any type of knife.

    This is an electric knife sharpener that permits sharpening of both 15 degree and 20 degree bevel edges of knifes. Diamond abrasives, and patented stropping discs make this unique and innovative.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Chef’sChoice
    Style: Knife Sharpener
    Made in : USA
    Item Weight : 4.15 Pounds
    Reasons to Choose

    Though it is on the expensive side, it is one of the Best Knife Sharpener. It takes just a few seconds to sharpen your knives without having to use skill or technique.

    Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener

    The Presto 08810 is an upgraded version from the 08800 model. It is a three-stage electric knife sharpener tool and is good enough for any type of knives, except for dull ones. Considering it is built from plastic, this model still feels like a durable, high-quality unit. It has five suction cups on the bottom, which helps prevent it from shaking around when working.

    This product manufactured in China, sharpens all types of knives, and has a plastic body encasing the sharpening mechanism and ceramic knife sharpener. This three stage electric knife sharpener handles sharpening of desired angles.

    Cleaning the unit is super easy. Remove the red receptacles, unplug them, and then shake it to remove the metal shavings that have collected over time. You can use Presto 08810 to sharpen hunting knives, fillet knives, sports knives, kitchen knives, and so on.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Presto
    Style: Knife Sharpener
    Made in : USA
    Item Weight : 5.07 Pounds
    Reasons to Choose

    This offers high-speed sharpening and has exceptional results when it comes to handling dull knives that require to be sharpened. The interchangeable blades help to make this smoother.

    Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener

    Made in Austria, this isn’t just an average kitchen knife sharpener – it is effective as the top-rated units out there. It boasts a modern, unique design and doesn’t require electricity. When compared to other manual sharpeners, it is a bit pricey, but it is totally worth it. It weighs almost two pounds and feels heavy in hand.

    This is one of the best manual knife sharpeners in the market. It offers a simple and cost-effective solution for sharpening knives anywhere. It is simple and easy to use for sharpening all types of knives.

    When used for sharpening and polishing, Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener doesn’t remove any metal. It is perfect for European double-bevel and Japanese knives. If you are looking for a simple, elegant, and efficient sharpener, you can’t go wrong with this one.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Brod & Taylor
    Style: Knife Sharpener
    Made in : USA
    Item Weight : 10.3 Ounces
    Reasons to Choose

    This can be used anywhere and it does not remove the metal of the blades that are seen in grinding actions. It offers versatility, and quickly sharpens knives.

    SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener

    Upon first glance, it looks like a cooking pot, but don’t let the design fool you – it is the SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener. SunrisePro is small enough to fit in your hand, therefore making it the perfect tool to carry on picnics, hunting trips, and outdoor adventures. It is very easy to store in your kitchen, car, or anywhere you prefer.

    It is easier to use than any other knife sharpeners on this list, and it is perfect for newbies and beginner cooks. Thanks to SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener, sharpening will become an easy and quick job for you.

    This manual knife sharpener relies on Tungsten Carbide for the sharpening action, and is one of the most compact models featured here. It can be used for sharpening all knives and thick serrated knives.

    Key Features:


    Brand: SunrisePro
    Style: Knife Sharpener
    Made in : USA
    Color : Red
    Reasons to Choose

    This is a llow-cost option and is very handy for use in the kitchen and outdoors. It does not require special skill to sharpen and fetches results at high speed.

    Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener

    Wusthof provides a high-level of quality, something you’d expect from a reputable company. The precision-edge technology used in this electric solution provides quick, clean, and easy sharpening for all of your knives. It is proven that sharpening kitchen, hunting, or pocket knives with this technology improves the durability and extends the lifespan of the blades. In other words, you will rarely have to sharpen your knives again.

    The Wusthof electric sharpener is lighter than most products in this price range. It is measured as 10 x 6 x 6 inches and weighs approximately five pounds. With its precision, excellent durability, and lightweight, Wusthof PEtec is definitely something to consider.

    This is the US manufactured electric sharpener, that sharpens knives over three stages. It offers an extremely sharp edge and takes a few passes over each stage to offer a great finish.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Wüsthof
    Style: Knife Sharpener
    Made in : USA
    Color : Black & Grey
    Reasons to Choose

    It works on all types of knives, is one of the top rated knife sharpening systems, offers the best results in sharpening with simple movements through the sharpeners. It offers full value for money and is a world class product.

    Perfect For Veteran Cooks

    Chef’s Choice 1520 Electric Knife Sharpener

    • The Model 1520 is the world’s most versatile sharpener.
    • Designed to sharpen Asian, European and American style knives
    • Engineered to provide astonishingly sharp edges

    Adjustable Blade Selector

    Presto 08810 Electric Knife Sharpener


    • Sharpens kitchen and sport knives quickly
    • 3-stage sharpening system provides professional results
    • Perfect for kitchen and fillet knives


    Easy And Effective

    Brod & Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener

    • This is an excellent product which sharpens normal and single bevel (Japanese) knifes very well!
    • Decent at sharpening, excellent for everyday honing and polishing
    • Great relatively inexpensive sharpener which will give very good results.

    Easy & Safe to Use

    SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener

    • 3 Swipes Turn Dull Knives Sharp – Outdoor Blades Too!
    • Delivers Precision Edge In 2 Seconds – No Experience Required!
    • Safe & Effortless – Non-slip Suction Base

    Comes With Replacement Belts

    Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener


    • Made in the USA
    • 3 Sharpening stages
    • 14 degree cutting edge
    • Blade Material Type: Stainless Steel


    What to Look for When Choosing the Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

    With the information overload of multiple features advertised online, you may sometimes feel lost about what you need to look for in a knife sharpener. Here is what you need to check out before settle on a particular model.

    Manual vs. Electric

    In a manual model, you will have to adjust the pressure and the angle of sharpening action, in addition to calculating the number of passes required to sharpen the knife. In an electric model, you only need to run the blade through the stones a few times.

    Manual vs Electric Knife Sharpener

    Edge angle

    Knives have bevels on both sides and the edge angle determines the cutting efficiency. There are typically two edge angles, 15 degrees and 20 degrees. Make sure that the sharpener you choose permits you to sharpen both edge angles.

    Specialty sharpening

    Knives come in different sizes and shapes – chef’s knife, Japanese knives, butcher’s knife, hunting knife, pocket knife, serrated edge knives, and extremely smooth-edged knives. The sharpener needs to meet all sharpening needs.


    Look for a model that offers convenience and speed. Ideally, your knives need to be sharpened in a maximum of three passes through the coarse stones. And you should not be expected to adjust your pressure with precision.


    The knife sharpener needs to offer versatile functions – you may need serrated edges to be sharpened, you may want to polish the knife, in addition to sharpening the dull edges.


    The price range extends from a little above 10 dollars to a little above 150 dollars. All factors need to be considered and weighed before you settle on a price band. For instance, a manual model will be a lot cheaper, when compared with an electric model.


    Look for a product that offers the maximum warranty for the materials and workmanship. Rusting is usually not covered by warranty, as all materials are likely to rust if proper care is not taken. You will find that most companies offer anywhere between one to three years of warranty.

    Benefits Of Electric Knife Sharpeners

    It is possible that you may be wondering about the specific benefits of a knife sharpener. You are obviously aware that it sharpens survival knives, but you may not have looked at the clear advantages of using a good knife sharpener. Here are the top four benefits :

    Electric Knife Sharpener

    #1. Even Edges And Sharpness Offer Greater Safety

    Individuals may sometimes scrape/rub knives against coarse stones in an effort to sharpen it. If this is not performed with the right amount of pressure, the knife will end up with uneven edges.

    #2. Prolongs Life Of Knives

    EDC Knives that are sharpened will require lesser pressure and will therefore experience lesser wear and tear, resulting in longer use of the same knife.

    #3. Helps To Complete Cooking Faster

    With sharper knives, it is possible to complete cutting of ingredients faster, which helps in finishing cooking faster.

    #4. Simple, Safe And Convenient

    A knife sharpener is simple, safe and convenient to use. Knives can be sharpened without any special skills or training.

    How To Use Knife Sharpening System

    Using a top rated knife sharpener is pretty easy. There are simple instructions that need to be followed to ensure that the knife is sharpened the right way.

    #1. The knife blade should be pulled through the coarse slot first, followed by pulling it through other slots progressively.
    #2. The blades should always be pulled in a single direction, i.e. from the base of the blade to the tip, and never in a back and forth motion.
    #3. Ideally, the number of passes that are required for sharpening a blade are two through every slot.
    #4. The blade needs to be washed after sharpening though sharpeners collect the shavings form the blade.


    Choose the best kitchen knife sharpener after carefully assessing each model’s features in the knife sharpener reviews. Bear in mind that you need to look for a sharpener that is extremely convenient to use, one that is safe, offering the best results. The durability of the sharpener and its maintenance also needs to be considered before you compare the prices of different models.

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