10 Best Japanese Knives of 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

10 Best Japanese Knives of 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

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YOSHIHIRO Suminagashi Damascus Aoko


 Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Published 12:20 pm

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    Very often a product is known for its place of origin. Similar products may actually be available elsewhere but it is the country of origin that may swing the purchase in favour of a particular product and brand. The Far-East is known for many products, including the best cutlery in the world. With a rich heritage that goes back in time, the best Japanese chef knives have loyal customers all over the globe. Japanese cutlery is perhaps one of the most important tools in the kitchen that have an impact on the menu. This is because portioning of ingredients holds the key to the nutrition and taste of the preparation.

    Here is a look at Japanese craftsmanship and materials that combine to make world famous kitchen cutlery.

    At a Glance : Top 5 Pick For Best Japanese Knives

    The best Japanese Knife

    MIYABI ARTISAN SG2 - Best Japanese Chef Knife

    Best Choice Product

    This knife is certainly one among the more flash really designed models. The Miyabi Artisan Sg2 Chef’s Knife not only sports an advanced design, it is reliable handcrafted utilitarian life. The economics shape of the japan steel knife blade is mated perfectly with the long lasting pakka wood handle. The durable life is handmade by master craftsman in the seki region of Japan. The manufacture offers and lifetime warranty confident that which performance will remain unchanged over the years.

    Key Features:


    Brand: MIYABI
    Style: Chef's Knife
    Blade Length: 8”
    Weight: 9.6 ounces
    Did you know that ambidextrous knife are a reference to double bevel knives?

    Ambidextrous knives are a reference to knives with edges on both sides. If you happen to get a knife that claims usage by both right-handed and left-handed people, then you can be sure that it is a double-edged knife. There are knives that are meant for left-handed cooks and there are knives that are meant for right-handed cooks. In other words, the single bevel knives will either have an edge on the right side or the left side. If you want the best knife that can be used by both right and left-handed persons, then you need to choose a double edge knife.


    Best Value Product

    The brand is popular for a range of electronics. It is also a reputed manufacturer of ceramic products and the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Chef Knife is one among the flagship products. The stand out point of the knife is its blade which is known to remain sharp for long. The rust proof and lightweight knife has a proven sharpness which is 10 times that of other knives. Priced reasonably, this is one among the better choices that will help you get the best out of your culinary skills.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Kyocera
    Style: Chef's Knife
    Blade Length: 7”
    Weight: 3.31 ounces
    Did you know about the difference between Single/Double Bevel?

    The angle of the bevel and the single/double bevel of knives make a huge difference to the cutting edge of a knife. A bevel is the edge of the knife that has been ground to give you the sharp cutting edge. If the knife has an edge that has been ground on only one side, with the other being flat, it means that you have a single bevel knife.

    If you have a knife that has edges on both sides, then it is a double bevel knife. Most of the knives that you come across are likely to have a bevel on both sides, however, Japanese knives generally come with a single bevel.

    YOSHIHIRO Suminagashi Damascus Aoko Japanese Knife – High Carbon Steel

    Premium Pick Product

    Resembling a sword by virtue of its long and thin blade, the YOSHIHIRO Suminagashi Damascus Aoko is a premium blade crafted with precision from Ebony Saya  the best material – the legendary #1 blue steel High Carbon Steel .

    The product earns its name from the manufacturing process Suminagashi which refers to the Japanese art of marbling. Precision crafted from extraordinary skill by our master artisans, the blade has an umatched reputation which has earned it its popularity as one of the chef knives manufactured in Japan.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Yoshihiro
    Style: Multipurpose Chef Knife
    Blade Length: 10.5”
    Weight: 4.5 ounces
    Did you know what to look for in the handle design of a knife?

    The handle design of your knife needs to have certain features that will help you to perform the task easily. The first is the clearance – the handle should be of the size and positioned in such a way that you should not hurt your knuckles when you chop ingredients. The second is the grip – the material should offer you a firm grip and it should not slip from your hands when it is wet.

    The handle volume is important – imagine having to use a knife with a very thin handle? It will be most uncomfortable and painful. Similarly, if the handle volume is too big, your hands will not close on the handle, and you will not have proper control. Hence choose handle volume that is convenient.

    MASAHIRO 14904 MVH Japanese Chef Knife

    This sturdy knife has a unique blade shape that makes it the most suitable model for slicing vegetables finely and carving meat. The Masahiro 14906 MVH Chef Knife is reliable kitchen cutlery that is manufactured from blades which are used in the high end EDC knives. The plastic composite handle is bacteria resistant and the asymmetrical edge of the slim blade makes it uniquely positioned for special cooking requirements.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Masahiro
    Style: Utility Knife
    Blade Length: 6”
    Weight: 4.8 ounces
    Do you know how to choose the bevel edge for a right-handed cook?

    If you happen to be a right-handed cook, and if you need to choose a single bevel knife, the edge should be on the right side. The flat and vertical face of the knife should be on your side when you grip the handle with the edge at the bottom. For a left-handed cook, the reverse applies. Only when you get this right will you be able to cut the vegetables in the right manner. This is especially true in the case of exotic cuisine where the ingredients need to be sliced very fine and thin.

    Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Knife

    Among the various grades of steel used globally for cutlery, VG-10 Japanese stainless steel is considered as one among the top rated steels. It is precisely because of the use of this grade of steel that the Yoshihiro Japanese Chef Knife is popular globally. It is the knife of choice for professional chefs who take an instant liking to the lightweight handle and the superior quality of the blade. Additionally, the knife comes with an optional cover covered by a warranty that extends for its lifetime.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Yoshihiro Cutlery
    Style: Chefs Knife
    Blade Length: 8.25”
    Weight: 6.4 ounces
    Did you know why Japanese cooks use Single Bevel knives?

    The choice of single bevel knives by Japanese chefs is largely due to the fact that single bevels permit the chefs to execute vey fine cuts on vegetables. Japanese cuisine is famous the use of ingredients that are cut very fine. Single bevel knives have the capability to cut very fine slices, because the cutting edge performs the slicing action while the straight side helps in going deeper into the vegetable. This is achieved in a manner that is even and consistent, which may not be possible with a double bevel knife that will spread open the vegetables on both sides with the cutting edges.

    Korin Nickel Damascus Gyutou – Professional Japanese Chef Knives

    The high performance knife is a product of choice among celebrity Japanese chips globally. Its striking resemblance to a Japanese sword earns it the name Korin Ginan-Ko Kiritsuke. The blade has a reputation of allowing professional chefs to render the most precise cuts from the knife that sports a very simplistic design. The durability of the knife and its rust resistant qualities makes it one of those objects of high performance that need to figure in your kitchen.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Korin Cutlery
    Style: Gyuto Knife
    Blade Length: 9.50”
    Weight: 1.1 pounds
    Did you know that knife shapes help to perform tasks better?

    The shape of the knife has an impact on the manner in which you finish your cutting task. A chef’s knife is multi-purpose and can be used to deal with the most common tasks.

    For special requirements, you may need to use special knives. The different shapes of knives are as per the tasks – slicer, paring, boning, vegetable knife, butchery, and a bread knife. As you can see, they are all self-descriptive. However, you can use a chef’s knife to handle most of these tasks if the quantity is not commercial.

    Yoshihiro Hayate ZDP-189 Japanese Knives – world Famous blades

    Rated as one the best chef knives is the product with extended design and testing – introducing the Yoshihiro Hayate ZDP-189 Japanese chef knife which truly belongs in it’s own dedicated category. The sharpness of the blade combines with the uber design that lends a touch of geometry to the design. The walnut handle blends perfectly with the ZDB 189 blade High Carbon Stainless Steel, lovingly handcrafted by Japanese experts from the land of the samurai who follow traditional practices that were in use in the manufacture of the world famous blades.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Yoshihiro
    Style: Chef Knife
    Blade Length: 9.50”
    Weight: 1.4 pounds
    Did you know there are four different qualities to distinguish a Japanese knife?

    There are four different qualities that distinguish the best Japanese knives from other knives. These are – the handle design, the blade edge, the type of steel, and the construction of the knife. The handle as mentioned above is designed differently to give a robust and reliable grip to the knife.

    The blade edge is single bevel to give the cook greater control in slicing very fine cuts. The type of steel that is used is stainless steel unlike some other types of knives that are carbon steel. The construction is laminated, unlike monosteel construction. These are the four different defining characteristics of a Japanese knife.

    SHUN HIRO SG 2 JAPANESE CHEF KNIFE – razor sharp edge

    From the house of Kershaw and Zero Tolerance, the Shun Hiro SG2 Chefs Knife comes with the same reputation as the two popular brands. The highlight of the knife is the process used in crafting the high-performance blade. 32 layers of Damascus steel go into the handcrafting process.

    The blade owes its razor-sharp edge to this process that painstakingly brings a legend to your kitchen. The handle which sports an inlay of the samurai family crest is made from pakka wood. The superior craftsmanship of the blade makers in Seki Japan receives another benchmark with this blade..

    Key Features:


    Brand: Shun
    Style: Chef Knife
    Blade Length: 8.00”
    Weight: 0.53 lbs
    Did you know the average (ideal) length of Japanese knives ?

    The length of Japanese sous knives ranges anywhere between 6.5 to 10 inches. However, the ideal length would be 8 inches, as this will permit you to cut with largely sized vegetables without having to move from end to end. A knife that is very small would have to be used in a repetitive motion from one end to the other end, whereas a long blade can be used to slice cleanly in one single motion. However, a very long knife would be ungainly and difficult to use and store. There choose one according to the availability of space in your kitchen and also the requirements.

    Misono UX10 Gyutou 9.4″ – Great double beveled edge

    The world has transitioned to minimalistic designs. The Misono japanese kitchen Knife is remarkable example of minimalistic design that is both elegant and purposeful. Manufactured from high grade UX10 Gyutou with a double beveled edge, it’s sharp on both sides.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Misono
    Style: Chef Knife
    Blade Length: 9.4"
    Weight: 0.46 Kilograms
    Did you know the average height of a Japanese knife?

    The average height of a Japanese knife is around 9.4 inches. The reason for the height of Japanese blades is to follow up the slicing action with separation. For instance, a thin slice and cut of vegetables will require the soft and tender vegetables to stay separated. If you were to use a blade with less blade height, the vegetable will be sliced through but the portions will lean back on the uncut portion. You will then have to move it with your hands before can cut the next slice. With a knife that has the right height, you can actually separate the cut portions easily without breakage or excessive pressure.


    Another handcrafted model, the Miyabi Mizu SG2 Chef’s Knife is a work of pure craftsmanship. The SG2 stainless steel blade boasts of exceptional construction quality, with superior design. Hammered by hand, the blade is a hit among professional chefs, covered by a lifetime warranty. The Micarta handle helps improve the elegance quotient, making it a designer cum durable kitchen cutting tool.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Miyabi
    Style: Chef Knife
    Blade Length: 8.00"
    Weight: 0.75 lbs
    Did you know that Japan cooking knife handles are burned in for the perfect fit?

    The specialty of the Japanese knives is not just in the blades, but also in the handles. A Japanese blade typically has its handle burnt in and friction fitted. This helps to give the perfect fit and also prevents the handle from splitting. Japanese knives are known for high performance and this is actually an all round affair. Imagine having a great knife, with the handle damaged? You really will not be in a position to do anything useful with such a knife. This is why best Japanese kitchen knives are made with a strong and robust handle, either from a composite material or from superior quality wood.

    10 Best Chef Knives Made In The US

    When it comes to superior quality of craftsmanship and materials, it is only the USA that can match the traditional bladesmiths of Japan. Here is a look at the top 10 precision engineered, high performance kitchen knife cutlery manufactured in the US. This link will offer you insights into best US made chef knives in a very detailed manner. Various aspects that will help you to pick the best model are featured in the post. For instance, did you know that the bolster of a knife has an impact on the stability of the knife? Similarly various other important dimensions are often ignored by shoppers when choosing a knife – the heel of the knife, and the spine of the knife. Learn all that you need to know when you make a choice.

    Top Rated Japanese Chef Knives

    Best Japanese Chef Knife

    Miyabi Artisan SG2 Japanese Chef Knife

    • Sg2 micro-carbide powder steel
    • Authentic thin Japanese blade profile
    • Hand-honed using the three-step Honbazuke process for a 9.5 to 12 degree edge

    Best Value For Money

    Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Chef Knife

    • Blades Made in Japan
    • Lightweight with an Unrelenting Sharpness
    • Open Stock or Sets are available in Black or White Blades

    High Carbon Steel

    Yoshihiro Suminagashi Damascus Aoko

    • Length Of The Knife: 11.8 inches
    • Handle: Crafted out of Octagonal Ebony
    • Blade Material: Single-Edged Blue Steel

    Light Weight Balanced Knife

    Masahiro 14904 MVH Chef Knife

    • High carbon stainless steel
    • Composition Plastic Handle
    • Masahiro MV-H Knive Collection is produced by Masahiro Co., Ltd. in Seki, Japan

    Western Style Curved Blade

    Yoshihiro Vg10 16 Layer Hammered Damascus

    • Forged and hammered with 16 layers of steel
    • A High Quality Chefs Knife To Make Every Meal Into Something Special
    • Western Style Curved Blade That Smoothly Rocks Back And Forth With An Extended Tip For Quick Chopping.

    Professional Chef Knives

    Korin Nickel Damascus Gyutou

    • Length of the knife: 9 inches
    • Handle: Micarta
    • Blade material: V-10 steel

    World Famous Blades

    Yoshihiro Hayate Zdp-189

    • Length Of The Knife: 9.5 inches
    • Handle: Ebony Wood
    • Blade material: ZDB 189

    Razor Sharp Edge

    Shun Hiro SG 2 Chefs Knife

    • Length Of The Knife: 8 to 10 inches
    • Handle: Crafted out of pakka wood
    • Blade Material: SG 2

    Great Double Beveled Edge

    Misono Ux10 Gyutou

    • Length of The Knife: 9.4 inches
    • Handle: Hardwood
    • Blade material: UX10 Gyutou

    3-layers Of SG2 Steel

    Miyabi Mizu SG2 Japanese Chef Knife

    • Handcrafted in Seki, Japan with a lifetime warranty
    • Traditional Japanese blade hand-honed to a 9 to 12° angle
    • 63 Rockwell hardness; special Criodur ice-hardening process maximizes properties of the steel
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