The 8 Best EDC Knives of 2020


First things first – what does “EDC” mean? This acronym stands for “Every Day Carry,” and is usually used for items that are handy to have on yourself at all times, as they can assist you with everyday needs or even in some dire situations. Without a doubt, a pocket knife is surely one of the best EDC items, since it has so many advantages. It can be extremely useful – you can open clamshells and boxes with it, prepare food, cut ropes and fix things around the household, and it’s no wonder why there are so many professions (such as hunters, butchers, fishers, military service members and others) carrying folding knives in their pockets at all times.


With thousands of these useful blades on today’s market, it can be really hard for a novice to find an EDC knife that suits his needs the best. Have no worries – that’s why we’re here!

3 Top Quality EDC Knives of Our Choice

Spyderco Paramilitary2 Black G-10 Knife

Spyderco Paramilitary2 Black G-10 Knife

Blade Length: 3.44 in

Stainless Steel

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Knife

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

Blade length: 3.4 in

Stainless Steel

Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

Blade Length: 2.91 in

Stainless Steel

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Updated: February 15th, 2020

Top Rated Folding EDC Knives

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife

Blade Length: 3.39 in

Length overall: 7.76 in

Columbia River Knife and Tool Squid

Columbia River Knife and Tool Squid

Blade length: 2.25 in

Length overall: 4.49 in

TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening Knife

TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening Knife

Blade Length: 3.5 in

Length overall: 8.00 in

Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife

Ontario 8848 RAT Folding Knife

Blade Length: 3.5 in

Length overall: 8.5 in

Kershaw 1600 Chive SpeedSafe Knife

Kershaw 1600 Chive SpeedSafe knife

Blade Length: 1.9 in

Length overall: 4.8 in

Folding EDC Knives – Quick Comparison

Those were our reviews of the currently most popular folding EDC knives on the market – see how they compare and find the one that suits your needs the best. There’s a pocket knife for everyone’s taste and budget, and we’re sure you’ll find one to your liking.

ImageName ImpressionRatingBuy Now
Spyderco Paramilitary2SPYDERCO PARAMILITARY2 BLACK G-10Perfect EDC Blade4.9/5Fetch Best Price
Kershaw Ken OnionKERSHAW KEN ONION BLUR FOLDING KNIFEQuality Everyone Can Afford4.2/5Fetch Best Price
Benchmade Mini GriptilianBENCHMADE – MINI GRIPTILIAN 556Great EDC Choice4.6/5Fetch Best Price
Spyderco TenaciousSPYDERCO TENACIOUS FOLDING KNIFEGreat Pocket Knife 4.4/5Fetch Best Price
Columbia River KnifeCOLUMBIA RIVER KNIFE AND TOOL SQUIDCompact EDC Folder3.9/5Fetch Best Price
TAC FORCE SpringTAC FORCE SPRING ASSISTED OPENINGGreat Value for Money3.8/5Fetch Best Price
Ontario 8848ONTARIO 8848 RAT FOLDING KNIFEBest Budget Knife4.0/5Fetch Best Price
Kershaw 1600KERSHAW 1600 CHIVE SPEEDSAFEImpressive Quality and Design4.1/5Fetch Best Price

What to Look for When Choosing the Best EDC Knife

The knives could definitely be considered as the essential tools, as they can make your daily life a lot easier, and we don’t even have to mention how convenient they are if you like camping in the woods. But the problem is the fact that finding a good pocket knife can be quite complicated, especially if you’re a novice who doesn’t know a lot about them. Take a look at these five tips – they will help you narrow down the choice and find an EDC knife that suits your needs the best.

The Purpose

In our opinion, this would be the most important consideration. You should ask yourself what would you like to use your pocket knife for, and what do you want it to do. Even though most of the modern EDC knives can do almost anything, you should know that some certain models are better suited for some particular jobs. If you, for example, work in a warehouse, you will probably use your folding knife to cut open the boxes. If you’re living on a farm, you’ll probably need the blade for opening bales of hay, cutting ropes, and similar jobs.

The Weight and Size

As you will probably be carrying your EDC blade with you at all times, it will need to be small and light. Yes, there are certainly bigger knives that can help you with the tougher jobs, but the EDC ones are all about practicality – you will be using them for some simpler things. The thing that you should consider here is how you intend to carry it – if you’re going to carry it in your pocket, it should be very lightweight and small. If you’ll carry it in the gear bag, it can be a little bigger and weigh more.

The Blade Type

The edge, or, in other words, the sharp side of your blade, could be either plain or serrated. Both variants have their advantages – the serrated blades are the ones that make cutting and slicing an easy task to do, while the plain ones will allow you to make really accurate cuts. There are, of course, blades that come with edges that are only partly serrated, which will give you more options once the need arises. If you don’t know what sort of cutting you’re mostly going to do, go for the plain edge.

The Material

In most of the cases, the blade parts are made from stainless steel. This is the most popular option, as the stainless steel has a lot of advantages – it has the durability, the strength, and the rust resistance, and you can’t go wrong by buying a folding knife with a blade made from this material. On the other hand, the best materials for the handle are the Zytel and the G-10, both of which are superb and feel great in hand.

The Features

Since the EDC knives aren’t actually multi-tools, it would be wise to keep things here as simple as it is possible. In our opinion, there are only three essential features that you should look for, and these would be the pocket clip, the sharp tipped blade, and the glass breaking butt. None of these traits are a real necessity, but they can certainly come in handy (or even life-saving) in certain situations. Also, we would advise you to avoid the rubber grips, as they can quickly degrade, and the gimmicky additions such as compasses and similar things. They often don’t work well and make your EDC knife less sturdy.


Spyderco Paramilitary2 Black G-10 Knife

Spyderco Paramilitary2 Black G-10 Knife

  • Overall Impression 98% 98%

As we already said, a pocket (folding) knife is one of the most important EDC items, coming handy in all sorts of situations. With so many different models on today’s market, we have selected and reviewed the most popular ones – check out our honest and unbiased reviews, and we’re sure that you’ll find a blade that will serve for many years. All of these pocket knives that we’ve tested are good in their own ways and come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. The product of our choice would definitely be the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 – even though it’s more expensive than the other models, it brings unmatched quality, design, and the performance, and is surely one of the best models that we’ve ever reviewed.

One other model that deserves our big recommendation would be the Kershaw 1600 Chive. This tiny pocket knife is something that surprised us in almost every way – it’s very easy to handle due to its ergonomics and has a sharp blade that’s suitable for the most kinds of everyday jobs. Definitely consider it for purchase if you’re looking for a small but versatile blade.

We hope that we’ve helped you – now it’s time to choose an EDC knife that you like the most!

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