13 Best Balisong Butterfly Knives (Review Guide) In 2021

13 Best Balisong Butterfly Knives (Review Guide) In 2021

Best Choice
Benchmade 51 BaliSong Morpho Butterfly Knife

Benchmade 51 Butterfly Knife

Best Value
Bear & Son Large Tanto Butterfly Knife


Premium Pick
Benchmade 85 Bali-Song Butterfly Knife

Benchmade 85 Butterfly Knife

 Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Today's review guide is brought to you by product expert Jordan

Published 12:20 pm

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    Butterfly knives were first introduced in the USA by knife manufacturing company Benchmade. Also commonly referred to as fan, balisong, and batangas knives, the butterfly knife is believed to have originated from the Philippines. As far back as 800 AD, this folding pocket knife was used for Filipino martial arts and as a utility blade. 

    Apart from self-defense and everyday use, the batangas is today commonly used for “flipping.” A sport where balisong knife owners use this knives to perform tricks.

    Butterfly knives don’t use a switch or button to deploy the blade-like Out-The- Front knives. Instead, they have a latch at the end of one of its handles that you use to release and close.

    The Anatomy of a Balisong Butterfly Knife

    There are two main types of balisong knives, live and trainers blades. A live butterfly knife has a sharp edge, while trainer butterfly knives usually have a blunt stainless steel edge. 

    Balisong Butterfly Knife Anatomy

    A trainer balisong does, however, have the weight and feel of a live butterfly knife. It is the ideal knife to buy if you’re joining the flipping community because you’re unlikely to cut yourself as you practice due to its non-sharp cutting edge.

    If you’re shopping for a balisong , we’ve researched and discovered the thirteen top butterfly knives, which we will share with you in this review. Whatever your budget, our butterfly knife review will help you choose one that suits you.

    At a Glance : Our Top 5 Pick For Best Balisong Butterfly Knives

    The Best Butterfly Knife

    Benchmade 51 BaliSong Morpho Butterfly Knife

    Best Choice Product

    This stylish blade was released in 2009 and is one of Benchmade’s most popular butterfly knives. It is a larger version of the Benchmade 32 Mini-Morpho, which some balisong fans had an issue with because of its compact size.

    The Benchmade 51 is lightweight, making it an excellent pocket knife choice because you won’t feel bogged down carrying it. You can use it for every day cutting and flipping. Its lightweight does, however, affect momentum as you flip.

    I would recommend this product for both beginner and professional flippers.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Benchmade
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.25"
    Weight: 3.30 oz

    Bear & Son Large Tanto Butterfly Knife

    Best Value Product

    Bear and Son is one of the few companies I know that makes decent and low priced butterfly knives. So, if you’re looking for a quality balisong that has a reasonable price point, this one should definitely be on your shortlist of knives to consider buying.

    The batangas knife built in the US has a tanto-styled 3.75″ plain cutting edge with a satin finish. The handle length and thickness are 5.00″ and 0.44″, respectively. It has a strong lock feature, which makes it safe to carry.

    Sharp and easy to open, you can use this balisong for self-defense and recreational purposes. If you’re just starting to get into balisong flipping, this is an excellent knife to begin with.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Bear and Son
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.00"
    Weight: 5.60 oz

    Benchmade 85 Bali-Song Butterfly Knife

    Premium Pick Product

    Benchmade released this product in the second quarter of 2020. It is a premium balisong butterfly knife that you can use for day to day cutting, but I doubt you would want to do that. Given its high price, most buyers of this balisong prefer to keep it as a collector’s piece.

    If you’re a flipper, you will be happy to know this knife comes competition ready. Made in the US, this batangas measures 5.00″ closed and 10.00″ open. Its plain drop-point blade has a thickness of 0.124″, and the handle thickness is 0.46″. 

    I like that the high-quality materials used to make this balisong, including steel and titanium, make it corrosion resistant and durable.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Benchmade
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.40"
    Weight: 5.29oz

    BladeRunner Systems Replicant Knife

    BladeRunnerS Systems make this product. A company founded by flippers and whose motto for making balisongs is “For flippers by flippers”. It is among the most popular batangas knives on the market because of its superior agility and high performance.

    The Replicant is available in different models, so you are sure to get one based on your preferences. The cheapest version goes for about $270. If you’re looking for an everyday cutting knife, check out the Premium Replicant with an ALT (Spear) blade, G-10 scales, and a pocket clip for safe carrying.

    You can look at other versions if you’re looking for something more premium, including the Select Replicant, which has multi-colored G-10 handles, and the Carbon Fiber Replicant.

    Key Features:


    Brand: BladeRunnerS Systems
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.50"
    Weight: 4.90 oz

    Kershaw 5150 Lucha Butterfly Folding Knife

    The Kershaw Lucha was designed with flippers in mind. To build this fast and light balisong, Kershaw sought feedback from seasoned flippers. I recommend it if you’re looking to start flipping because you’ll be purchasing a high-quality flippers knife for a reasonable price.

    Some of Lucha’s specs include stainless steel handles with a latch lock and steel internal stop pins. The balisong is not only good for flipping. Its sharp blade means you can use it for everyday cutting.

    This product doesn’t have a pocket clip, which is the only negative point I can write about. 

    Key Features:


    Brand: Kershaw
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.6"
    Weight: 5.9 oz

    Chimera Premium Balisong Knife

    The Chimera by Hom Design is one of the highest quality balisongs your money can buy. I say this because the balisong is made from the best materials and has some fantastic new features.

    Specs on this batangas include handles made from G-10 and titanium, an innovative retractable latch, clip point satin finished blade, and carbon fiber liners. These features give the blade a very stylish design I am sure you’ll love looking at. 

    Key Features:


    Brand: Hom Design
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.75"
    Weight: 4.96 oz

    Boker Plus Balisong Trainer Knife

    Remember, at the start of this review, I told you they’re two categories of butterfly knives, live and trainer blades. The Boker Plus is a trainer, which means it has a dull blade. 

    It is perfect for practicing your more difficult flipping tricks because you can do so without injuring yourself, which is highly likely if you use a sharp blade.

    The Boker Plus comes with a satin-finished steel blade, has a handle length of 5.00″, and a blade width of 0.75″. Due to its dull blade, you cannot use this knife for any form of cutting. It is best used for recreational purposes.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Boker
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.0"
    Weight: 4.92 oz

    Bradley Cutlery Kimura Series Butterfly Folding Knife

    I like the Kimura balisong butterfly because it is stylish, made from high-quality materials, has a good price point. 

    This butterfly balisong is an excellent everyday carry knife with some features that make it perfect for those looking to get their first balisong for flipping.

    Made in the US, its has a thickness of 0.12″ and a width of 0.88″. The cutting edge is 3.50″ while the handle has a length, width, and thickness of 5.00″, 1.00″, and 0.54″, respectively.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Bradley
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 3.88"
    Weight: 5.98 oz

    Hom Design Basilisk-R Knife

    Hom Design was started in 2006, and the Basilisk was among the first butterfly knives the company made. When released, the Basilisk balisong was a major hit among flippers, and in 2017, Homs released an upgrade of the blade, Basilisk-R, which is also very popular.

    The Basilisk- R comes with a 154CM steel blade with a cutting edge of 4.25″ and a blade thickness of 0.15″. The handle has a length and thickness of 5.325″ and 0.59″. Hom Design says this balisong is best suited for recreational purposes.

    The cutting tool is available in several models, including one entirely made from titanium, which many flippers believe is the best rendition of the Basilisk. The different models retail from about $370 to $420.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Hom Design
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.525"
    Weight: 4.86 oz

    Bear & Son 517 Butterfly Knife

    If you’re on a budget and not looking to spend too much on your balisong, this is a good option. 

    The Bear & Son 517 retails for less than $100 and comes with stunning stag handles. A stag is deer antlers, a material that feels good in the hands and is durable. In terms of size, the 517 has a handle length of 5.00″ with a thickness of 0.44″.

    The blade length is 4.00″ with a cutting edge of 3.75″. Made in America, this product not only looks good but also has a great price. I recommend it for first-time balisong knife buyers because it won’t leave a hole in your bank account.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Bear & Sons
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.00"
    Weight: 5.60 oz

    Benchmade 87 TI Balisong Butterfly Knife

    This balisong butterfly knife sells at an exorbitant price, but it is well worth the price if you can afford it. Made from high-quality materials, the Bench made 87 has a CPM-S30V steel reverse tanto blade paired with 6Al-4V titanium Chanel style handles.

    I particularly like the magnetic latch, which releases the blade with a light squeeze of the handles. The latch is built to last, unlike the spring latch found on many butterfly knives, which after some time of use, stops working as it should.

    If you’re not looking to use it for flipping, it is a superb cutting machine you can carry around with you wherever you go.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Benchmade
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.50"
    Weight: 5.37 oz

    Bear Ops Bear Song IV Aluminum Butterfly Knife

    This knife is made by BladeRunnerS (BRS) in partnership with Bears Ops, a division in the Bear and Sons company solely created to come up with and produce quality and affordable knives. It is well priced and made from quality materials, which include stainless steel, phosphorus bronze, and aluminum.

    Its Tanto style blade has a thickness of 0.13,” and a bead blast finish. For blade opening and safe carrying, the Bear Song IV has a latch lock mechanism.

    it is lightweight and perfect for flippers looking to hone their skills and a good everyday carry choice.

    Key Features:


    Brand: Bear OPS
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 3.375"
    Weight: 4.4 oz

    BRS Premium Alpha Beast Balisong Butterfly Knife

    If you’re shopping for some of the top balisong knives on the market, you must look at knives made by BladeRunnerS Systems. This brand is referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of balisong knives because of the top-notch knives they produce. So, the knives high price range is justifiable.

    The Channel Alpha Beast, or CHAB as it is commonly referred to, was revolutionary in the balisong community when it was released because it was the first knife made using 5.50″ 6Al-4V titanium handles. These are high-quality handles that offer extreme precision and grip when flipping.

    This everyday cutting blade is available in different blade types and renditions, including the Venom, Infinity, and Premium.

    Key Features:


    Brand: BRS
    Style: Folding Butterfly Knife
    Blade Length: 4.50"
    Weight: 5.20 oz

    Best Butterfly Knives – A Quick Comparison

    Those were our reviews of currently the most popular Balisong Butterfly Knives on the market – see how they compare and find the one that suits your needs. There’s an Balisong Butterfly Knives for everyone’s taste and budget, and we’re sure you’ll find one to your liking.

    Anodized Ti Liners G10 Handles

    Benchmade 51 Butterfly Knife

    • Bali-Song w/ Spring-Latch Lock Mechanism
    • Sold Separately Sheath Material
    • BaliSong with premium D2 tool steel blade

    Tanto-Styled Stainless Steel Blade

    Bear & Son Butterfly Knife

    • Bear and Sons manufacture quality butterfly knives.
    • This knife features a tough black epoxy coating over zinc handles.
    • The handles feature a skeletonized design to reduce weight.

    Confluence of The Modern Era

    Benchmade 85 Butterfly Knife

    • Integral titanium handles make the blade light and sturdy.
    • Magnetic latch lock for safe carrying or storage.
    • The 85 is the confluence of heritage and the modern era.

    Featuring Titanium Liners

    BladeRunner Replicant Knife

    • Made in America
    • G-10 scales and 6Al-4V titanium liners
    • 154CM steel scorpion tanto blade

    Kershaw Originals Design

    Kershaw 5150 Lucha Knife

    • Sandvik 14C28N, stonewashed finish
    • Dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for ultra-smooth flipping
    • Rounded handle bevels lets the Lucha roll smoothly in the hand

    Titanium Overlay Handle

    Chimera Premium Balisong Knife

    • Retractable Titanium pin latch
    • Precision Tuned Bushing System
    • The Chimera Balisong is manufactured in the USA.

    Stainless Steel Pocket Clip

    Boker Plus Balisong Knife

    • G-10 handle, which provides extra grip
    • Stainless steel pocket clip for easy carry
    • Spring-loaded latch for fast deployment and closing of the blade

    Stylish Design Knife

    Bradley Cutlery Butterfly Knife

    • Black g10 stainless steel handles for good grip
    • Durable 154CM steel spear point blade ideal for everyday cutting
    • A very sharp blade that comes ready to use straight out the box

    Lightweight Flipping

    Hom Design Basilisk-R Knife

    • Carbon fiber handle scales with skeletonized titanium liners for comfortable.
    • 154 CM blade steel provides a strong, corrosion resistant blade edge.
    • Titanium pin latch secures the handle in the open or closed position.

    Boron Coated Steel Blade

    Bear & Son 517 Butterfly Knife

    • Boron coated 440 steel clip point blade
    • Zen pin construction making it sturdy and durable
    • Stag handles with polished nickel bolsters

    Secure Magnetic Latch

    Benchmade 87 TI Knife

    • Thrust bearing washers for flawless flipping
    • A secure magnetic latch
    • Gray nylon sheath with multiple carry options

    Comfortable Grip & Balance

    Bear Ops IV Knife

    • Built using Torx screws for easy maintenance
    • 400 Series Stainless Spacers
    • Made in Alabama, USA

    Premium Anodized Version

    BRS Premium Butterfly Knife

    • Single-piece channel titanium handles with robust pivots tuned for a better flipping experience
    • A stonewashed 154CM clip point blade with dual tang pins and a crowned spine
    • Plain cutting edge
    Balisong Knives FAQs and Buyers Guide

    Which Are The Top Balisong Knife Brands?

    Many knife manufacturers have batangas models, but you can’t go wrong if you choose to buy one from any of these brands.

    • Benchmade. They were the first to manufacture balisong knives in the US. Over the years, they have been using customer feedback and the latest technology to build some of the best butterfly knives on the market. They are not called the butterfly brand for nothing you, you can expect the highest quality products from them, but you’ll have to pay more to get your hands on one of their blades.
    • Bladerunner Systems. This company was started by flippers who wanted to create the best butterfly knives used in the sport. They achieved their goal because they are known for high-performance balisongs sold at a premium price.
    • Microtech. This is a reputable US knife manufacturer best known for its high-quality automatic knives. They don’t disappoint when it comes to butterfly knives, which they make using some of the finest materials.
    • Bear & Son Cutlery. Founded in 1991, this knife manufacturer makes budget to expensively priced balisongs. So whatever the price you’re willing to pay for your butterfly knife, you should be able to get one from this company.
    • HOM Design. Named after its founder Jerry Hom, this company is top-rated among butterfly knife enthusiasts for its quality and well-priced balisong butterfly knives.

    Top Balisong Knife Brands

    Is It Legal To Carry A Butterfly Knife?

    The movies have given the balisong knife a bad rep because it is often the weapon of choice for the “bad guys.” Therefore, it has been associated with violence, gang activity, and in several US States, the carrying, use, and even ownership of the balisong is illegal.

    So before you place your order for a batangas knife, check to see if your local laws allow you to own or carry a balisong butterfly.

    Carry A Butterfly Knife

    How To Choose A Butterfly Knife?

    To get the right balisong knife for you, here are some things to consider when shopping for one:


    In my opinion, if you’re an experienced flipper, you should get yourself a high-quality batangas , which makes the flipping experience more smooth.

    For a novice flipper spending a lot on your first balisong is not recommended. You might not enjoy flipping, and you’ll have spent a lot of money on a knife you’ll have no use for after some time. So buy a budget butterfly knife first, then trade up as you get better at flipping.

    Also, if you’re an amateur flipper, a trainers butterfly would be a good first option.

    If you don’t intend to flip and want to use your knife for self-defense or everyday cutting, decide on the best balisong knife for you according to your budget, blade type, brand, etc.


    Make sure you check the materials used to build your balisong knife. If you don’t, you’ll only have yourself to blame if you end up buying a low-quality knife that doesn’t last.

    For example, balisong knife handles made from polymers, stainless steel, hard rubber, or aluminum provide an excellent grip and are more durable. Premium balisongs have titanium handles, which are top-notch.

    Safety Feature

    Your butterfly knife must come with a safety lock mechanism that keeps the blade open or closed. This is important because, for example, you could easily cut yourself if your knife is not secure while in your pocket.

    Blade Type

    Most butterfly knives have either tanto, drop point, clip point, or a spear point blade, which are all sharp.

    You can also choose between the live blade balisong knife with a sharp edge or the trainer butterfly knives with blunt steel blades. Trainer blades are cheaper than live blades.

    Choose the blade type you want depending on what you’ll use the knife for and preferences.


    The size of your butterfly knife will determine how hard or easy it is to flip with it. For example, butterfly knives with long or short blade length can be challenging to flip. So you’re better off getting a medium-sized blade.

    The material used to make the knife will also impact performance. It goes without say butterfly knives made using high-quality materials offer the best performance.

    Price Range

    Only you can determine how much you’ll spend on your butterfly knife. What I can assure you is our best butterfly knives review has excellent choices for different price points. So no matter your budget, you can find the perfect butterfly knife for you from our buyers’ guide.

    Choose A Butterfly Knife

    Who Is The Butterfly Knife For?

    If you’re looking for an easy to conceal knife to carry for self-defense purposes, this knife is ideal for you. The fact that its blade is hidden inside two handles makes it hard for a potential attacker to tell that you have a knife to protect yourself quickly.

    Its fast blade deployment method also makes it a perfect defense weapon.

    This knife is also excellent if you’re looking for a safe to carry blade. Again, the fact that the blade is concealed and latched between its two handles makes it a secure pocket knife.

    If you’re looking to start flipping, the balisong trainer version is definitely a must-have for you. The dull blades will ensure you cause no injuries to yourself or bystanders as you practice.

    Butterfly Knife use

    The Verdict: Which Is The Best Butterfly Knife?

    If I recommend a butterfly knife for you, I suggest you get the Chimera Premium Balisong Knife

    This knife looks good, is made from premium materials which make it durable, and has some of the best features you can find on a balisong. It is incredibly smooth to flip and comes razor sharp making it ready to cut through most materials.

    If the Chimera’s high price range is too steep for you, try any of the Bear & Son butterfly knives we reviewed. The cost and quality won’t disappoint.

    The balisongs we reviewed are the best of the best, so if you plan to buy one, do so ASAP as they often fly off the shelf, and you might have to wait some time for them to be restocked once sold out.

    And that’s it, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading this best butterfly knives review. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.


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